RNLI Beach Safety Guide

Essential Beach Safety Guide

Follow the RNLI's list of beach safety rules when visiting Bournemouth Beach

1. Always swim at a lifeguarded beach
2. Swim between the red and yellow flags
3. Never swim alone
4. Know your beach safety flags
5. Never use inflatables in strong winds or rough seas
6. If you get into trouble, stick your hand in the air and shout for help
7. If you see someone else in trouble, tell a lifeguard. If you can’t see a lifeguard call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard
8. Find out about the beach you’re going to before you visit
9. Check tide times before you go
10. Read and obey local hazard signs


Red and yellow flags
Lifeguarded area. Safest area to swim, bodyboard and use inflatables. 

Black and white flag
For surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks and other non-powered craft. Launch and recovery area for kitesurfers and windsurfers. Never swim or bodyboard here.

Red flag
Danger! Never go in the water under any circumstances when the red flag is flying.

Orange windsock
Indicates offshore or strong wind conditions. Never use inflatables when the windsock is flying.




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