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The Bournemouth Aquarium

The Oceanarium is located on Bournemouth seafront, next to the pier.

Take an underwater adventure around the waters of the world and come face to face with hundreds of awesome creatures.

 Immerse yourself in a sea of colour, with ten spectacular recreated environments.

Over 150 different species of fish are displayed at the Oceanarium including sharks, stingrays, moray eels, catfish, pacu, clownfish and pufferfish.

Penguin Beach Encounter
Fall head over flippers in love with our newest residents, a colony of 10 playful penguins in Penguin Beach Encounter.

Watch our adorable otter family swim, splash, feed and play in their naturally themed oasis.

Discover the virtual Interactive Dive Cage, which submerges visitors in a 270-degree continuous view of the ocean. Interactive touch screens bring visitors up close to sea creatures through a series of animated experiences, games and challenges. Visitors can pit their wits against a playful dolphin or test their knowledge of how a great white tracks its prey. It also features an amazing encounter with a blue whale that swallows the whole Cage, taking visitors on a journey through its digestive system. When the whale comes up for air, the Dive Cage is ejected through the blowhole and then it splashes down into the ocean.



  • Pier Approach
  • Bournemouth
  • Dorset
  • BH2 5AA



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